Advisor Training One Day at a Time

When I was a new advisor, I learned pretty quickly that academic advising was a lot more complex than I had first imagined, and that learning all there was to know about advising was difficult, if not impossible. It took me several years to feel comfortable with my self-sourced “tool kit” of resources and facts that I felt were essential to the profession. These days I am on the lookout all the time for new and changing information to stay current. I also learned quickly to rely on colleagues and they on me to share and update each other with the breadth of details needed to be effective and accurate on the job. That is one of the things I love about advising, the teamwork and collaboration involved, and how there is always something new to learn and share.

This blog is meant to do just that. To help share knowledge with each other in daily bits of information that will help all advisors, new and current, improve resources and tools to be better and more informed.

Join me in the journey and don’t hesitate to comment, suggest a post, or write one of your own!



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