Is This College Regionally Accredited?

A student shows up with an unofficial transcript the week before class starts and wants an evaluation but you’ve never heard of their institution before. Does the college have (or did it once have) regional accreditation so that we can accept the transfer credit?

Well, here is where you go to find out! The DAPIP Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs.

And here comes the Quiz:


Do we accept credit from the following institutions in traditional transfer?

The Art Institute of Seattle?
Tip: You have to type in the name in full to search.

The Art Institute of Philadelphia?
Tip: You have to type in the name in full to search.

Full Sail University?


A. Yes! As of 12/01/1999
B. It depends on when classes were taken. To transfer, the classes must have been during the terms Spring 2008 to Spring 2019.
C. No. Full Sail is not regionally accredited.

Remember that Credit for Prior Learning may be worth exploring. Check with a supervisor in Admission and Records for more information about this process. It is not for every student as it is time consuming, complicated and currently under review. Financial Aid implications may be of concern as well.

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