Bridge to Genetics

Dear Fall 2018 Genetics students,

In preparation for the first week of BIOL366/368 this fall semester, Mel Wall (2016 cohort) and I took a little time to put together a review of mitosis and meiosis for you. 

Please visit the following website and go over the information and links at the bottom of the first page as a refresher before the first day of class to get off to a good start.

Tips for Preparing for the Rigors of Upper Division Coursework

A little advise based on comments from a Pre-med student that I believe will serve you well in preparing for your WNMU coursework.

First of all, get organized and have a plan. Get and use an agenda and calendar to map out your week. Attend all your classes, especially the first day. Take good notes. Record lectures if possible (must have the instructor’s permission). Stay on top of deadlines. Get to know your classmates. Get to know your professors. Stop by to visit them occasionally during office hours. Know where and when tutoring is available before you need help.

Do one thing at a time. Think about mastering the subject more than your grade. Learn the material until you know it so well you can’t get it wrong.

Ultimately you already know the answer to success: discipline. That means reading the chapter over for the fifth time when you don’t understand it. That means doing hundreds of practice problems. That means waking up early. That means saying no to Netflix and lazy Saturday mornings. That means looking your goals in the eye and knowing that you will achieve them with hard work.

Review for Genetics


Link to Cells and The Cell Cycle Review

Link to Mitosis Review

Link to Meiosis Review














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