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Glendale Community College together with Western New Mexico University
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Bachelors in Cell and Molecular Biology

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Other Important FAQs and Information

Mustang Express is your WNMU Student Center

Summer and Fall Registration Information will tell you almost everything you need to know about WNMU policies and procedures.

The Business Office’s official communication with all students is through the utilization of the Mustang Express e-mail account. The Business Office will also mail financial information to the student, including statements, refunds, and tax documents. It is the student’s responsibility to keep their contact information updated with the Registrar’s Office. WNMU cannot be responsible for any delayed communication due to outdated addresses. Upon registration, you will receive a Statement of Financial Responsibility electronically via Mustang Express. The document discusses several areas, including refund information, financial holds and collection costs. It is recommended that you save this document for future reference. Contact the Business Office for more information or if you have any questions regarding your account.

Fall Payment Plan

WNMU offers a payment plan each semester. The balance of your tuition and fees are divided into 4 equal installments (secured payment required).

FALL 2018 Payment Plan Dates:

  • August 15
  • September 15
  • October 15
  • November 15

*Any financial aid, waivers, and/or third party contracts will reduce overall balance.

**Late enrollment (after 8/15/18) would require missed payments due at signup.

***Any account not finalized (PAID) before close of business August 24, 2018 (fall) will be dis-enrolled for non-payment.

**** Failure to make payments when due, will subject the student to a billing hold, and possible termination of registration at WNMU.

WNMU will not register a student, release a diploma, or provide a transcript to any student or former student who has an outstanding financial obligation.

If any changes occur on your account after payment arrangements have been made, the plan amounts will be updated. Notification of these changes will be communicated through your Mustang Express e-mail address. It is important to monitor this e-mail account regularly to ensure that you are receiving the important notifications. To qualify for the payment plan, mandatory scheduled payments will be required. Automatic deductions will be processed from the account you set up during enrollment. Monthly payment notifications will be sent to the student’s Mustang Express e-mail address. If the balance is not paid by the final installment plan date the student’s account will be assessed a $50 default fee.

Students can make payments online at

Once logged in, click on Student then under the BANNER LINKS click Pay Now!

Then click the Online Payments link.

There are three options for making an online payment.

  • Payment with an electronic check.
  • Payment with a debit card.
  • Payment with a credit card.

 WNMU accepts MasterCard, Visa and Discover credit cards. There may be a convenience fee assessed for online payments made with a credit card. By paying online the student agrees to accept full financial responsibility for all of the charges assessed to their account. Mandatory scheduled payments will be required by one of these methods when participating in our installment plan. The system will not allow you to delete the payment method associated with your payment plan.

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