Moving Towards Guided Pathways

Ideas and suggestions from advisors to help Glendale Community College (GCC) move in the direction of Guided Pathways.

Maricopa Community Colleges Guided Pathways

Problem #1:  How to best structure advising at GCC for Guided Pathways?

  • To help students choose, clarify and complete college and career goals efficiently and effectively, advisors must deepen their base of knowledge in a particular area or academic community.
  • Advisors need resources and guidelines to develop tools and targeted information regarding the barriers, milestones, transfer and career requirements in our specializations.
  • Spending time advising within academic departments solves a problem of not enough physical space or privacy in the Enrollment Center and builds community between students, advisors and faculty.

Suggestions for Academic Communities 

Each advisor who now does general advising, should be assigned a primary and secondary Academic Community based on student headcount.

Arts, English & Humanities

Business, Information Technology & Communication

Professional Health & Life Sciences

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Social & Behavioral Sciences


 Education & Teaching

Nursing & Allied Health

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

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Problem #2:  How to assign students to the appropriate Academic Advisor?


Problem #3:  Data Fatigue: If it takes longer to collect data and make notes than to see a student, there is a problem. 

  • Identify what data is needed from advisors and how it will be used.
  • Let advisors help find the easiest way to collect and share data.
  • Share the data and the story that it tells.

Problem #4:  Advisement staff deserve more credit. Some of us have been working on “Guided Pathways” for years.


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