Physics Wyld

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Physics Wyld!

Come get your Wyld on! The GCC Department of Physics will feature a number of events at the GCC SciTech Festival:

Makin’ Lightning: Physics Wyld will fire up the Van Der Graff generator with a event that will make your hair stand on end! You’ll love this shocking experience!

Loop-the-Loop Target Gallery: Think you’re a good shot? See if you can hit the target when the ball does a complete 360-degree vertical loop before launching!

Fastest in the West: Do you think you’re fast? Find out just how fast you are in this test of reaction time for all ages. Drop a ruler and catch it again as fast as you can — try for the smallest drop possible. Do video games really improve reaction time?

Turning the Tables: When an ice skater spins, she tucks her arms in to go faster and extends them to slow down. Make yourself turn by tilting a bicycle wheel? How does this work? Experience it for yourself! This event is definitely not for the weak of stomach — you were warned!

It’s a Drag: Explore the fundamentals of aeronautics and air resistance in this great exploration opportunity. When you’re finished, use what you’ve learned and build your own rocket and launch it down the hallway for fame and prizes! Build the amazing soda straw airplane and send it flying. How does that thing fly so well?? Take home your creations and show them off to your friends!

You can download handouts for all of these activities here!

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