Prospective Students

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Are You Ready to Change the World?

If you are considering the Concurrent Enrollment Partnership between Glendale Community College and Western New Mexico University, you are probably looking for something different.

We are different.

Our program is affordable, even offering some students the opportunity to earn a BS degree debt free. But there are no frills that you might find at a traditional university. We challenge students with small classes and rigorous academics. We will push you to learn more, get your hands dirty, provide you with a full year of undergraduate research and internships.

By the time you graduate, you’ll have earned three degrees* and know your way around the lab. You will be ready for your next step towards graduate or medical school or employment in one of the most fascinating and fastest growing industries in the nation.

*Students in the program will receive the following degrees

  • AA or AS
  • AAS in Biotechnology and Molecular Biosciences
  • BS in Cell and Molecular Biology with Chemistry Minor

You can be part of something special.

Get started here!



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