STEAM Festival and Open House

STEAM Festival and Open House

 Please join us on campus for the STEAM Festival and Open House at Glendale Community College on Friday, March 25th, from 9am to 6pm!

Glendale Community College’s Main campus is pleased to offer the STEAM Festival and Open House as a signature event for the Arizona SciTech Festival

Students and visitors are invited to learn about the intermingling of beauty, health, and life on the Navajo community from our featured speaker, Dr. Chip Thomas, internationally acclaimed artist, activist and medical doctor.

Additional activities include a Health & Wellness Fair, Forum on Climate Change, and Open House with hands-on activities.

From 2pm to 6pm everyone is invited to come explore open laboratories, art studios, science activities, art collections, geography games and other spaces free of charge and open to the public.

Events for the Open House begin in the Lobby of the Life Sciences building on the north side of the campus.  (see campus map here!)

For more information on the day’s events, please contact

STEAM Festival Open House Activities

Life Sciences Building
Information Table and Maps
Recycled Water Bottle Planter
Arizona STEAM Shop
Meditation and Positive Psychology Information
Coral Reef Ecology
Biotechnology Lab
Microscope Viewing

Library and Media Center
Special Tour of the Art Collection with Curator, Darlene Goto

Student Union Cyber Café
World Language Information Table
Summer Abroad Programs
Geography game and friendly competition

Physical Sciences Building
Physics Wyld!

Fine Arts Building
Open Studio

Honors students, club members and others who would like to volunteer an hour or more in support of this event, use the link and then click in the form that opens to sign up.  We would love your help!

For more information on the day’s events, please contact
More information about the following events:
Health & Wellness Fair     Campus Vegetarian Potluck     Chip Thomas     Forum on Climate ChangeSFOHkb31


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