Student Research

Student Research in Cell and Molecular Biology

Our program faculty and staff recognize the numerous benefits for undergraduate students who get involved in research. Through exposure to research many students discover a passion for a subject area that deepens their knowledge tremendously and increases opportunities and pathways toward professional and graduate programs. Every undergraduate student in the Glendale Community College (GCC) / Western New Mexico University (WNMU) Concurrent Enrollment Partnership (CEP) will be encouraged to determine an area of interest in Cell and Molecular Biology and to experience both collaborative and individual research.

Molecular biologist Dr. Amanda Barry at Los Alamos National Laboratory’s environmental photobioreactor matrix, which simulates microalgal biofuel pond conditions. Algal biofuels have big potential for America’s clean energy future. | Los Alamos National Laboratory photo | Read more here!

Directed Research in Biology (BIOL490)

Please complete the Petition for Independent Study, provided below, accompanied by a one to two page research proposal to include a list of any and all special supplies and/or materials needed for the Fall semester to conduct your experiments (see examples below) and forward them to no later than July 27, 2018. All research materials need to be approved and meet our lab safety standards. Please consult with Dr. Tuohy if you need clarification on any of the above information.

Petition for Independent Study (BIOL490)

Examples of Research Proposals


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