The Engineering Student’s Guide

More than ever, the world needs good engineers.

The Engineering Student’s Guide to Academic Advisement

This guide is designed to encourage your interest in engineering and to welcome you to the Maricopa Community Colleges!

Please download or bookmark this document and refer to it often to get started and keep on track. It will help you each semester and ease your transition between the Maricopa Community Colleges and Arizona State University, or the university of your choice.

The guide outlines what is expected of you and provides information on the timelines, policies and procedures you should learn.

It also steers you to advisors and resources to help you advance in your studies and move toward transfer and graduation.

Please review the guide and refer to it before each advising appointment. Additional information may be found in your college and university catalogs and/or online portals as directed.


Getting Started
     While in High School
     Financial Aid
     ID Cards
Program Planning and Advising
Academic Policies
Campus Life
     Student Clubs and Organizations
     Disciplinary Codes and Processes
     Public Safety (Security)
     Health and Counseling
     Disability Support Services

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