Tips for Success … if you want to be an Engineer!

How to be Successful in the Maricopa Community Colleges


While in High School

  • Take as much Math and Physics as possible as well as Chemistry or other sciences related to your program. Do your best to absorb information and get good grades.
  • Learn about resources in your junior year of high school, apply for scholarships early in your senior year, especially the Maricopa Community Colleges Presidents’ Honors Scholarship. It could pay for your tuition for as many as four semesters at the community colleges!
  • Study with available Apps and resources before you take course placement tests! You are allowed two repeat placement tests within the guidelines. Test results may save you considerable time and money so make the most of them. Choose the College Algebra (preferred) or Algebra placement test depending on how much high school Math you have completed.

Please see the great websites below that Phoenix College offers to help you prepare.

Free practice exams & study materials
WritePlacer Guide with Sample Essays – English placement test
What is Accuplacer?
Accuplacer Official Web-Based Study App
EdReady – recommended by PC Math Dept.
English for Everyone – English & reading
HippoCampus – English & math
IXL – math & language arts
KHAN Academy
Math TV – math videos
Phoenix College Self-Study Math MOOCs – free self-paced, online math classes
Patrick – Just Math Tutor – math resources
Purplemath – math resources
Phoenix College Library offers several prep books that you may borrow – check them out!

  • Make arrangements with your parents to prepare for the financial aid application process in the fall of your senior year. Apply for the FAFSA beginning in October, arrange to pay by the due date, or set up a payment plan for your first semester as early as possible.
  • See an Academic Advisor to get started. Register early.  Select classes in February for the fall and September for spring and summer.
  • Have an official high school transcript sent to the Admissions Office at the college you plan to attend as soon as your diploma is posted.

Your First Semester in College

  • Attend the first day of class. If not, you will likely be dropped from your class and unable to re-register.
  • If you are unable to attend class for any reason during the semester, notify the instructor as soon as possible by email/phone.
  • Get organized – Have your textbooks (save receipts) and supplies before classes start. Practice good time management and build study time in your schedule.
  • Learn about and use all available tutoring and academic resources.
  • Join a club or student organization and get involved.
  • Research campus and district scholarships.
  • Research ASU or other university scholarships. ASU Fulton Departmental Scholarships
  • Think about an internship or summer program.
  • Sign up for a MAPP if one is available for your major.

Every Semester in College

  • Prepare to pay for classes. Apply for the FAFSA as early as October and hopefully, no later than January for each academic year. Check on financial aid timelines and/or prepare for a payment plan.
  • See an Academic Advisor in February or September to select classes/register for the next semester.

Your Last Year @ your Maricopa Community College Campus

  • Meet with the university transfer advisor. Bring an unofficial copy of your high school and college transcripts.
  • Check transfer admissions requirements: For ASU BSE Aerospace Engineering:  transfer GPA of 3.00 for 24 or more transfer hours, and, no high school math or science competency deficiencies for students without an associate degree or higher.  An ASU student must meet one of the following requirements for consideration as a transfer applicant: 1) graduated from high school; 2) earned a GED with a score of 500 or above; or 3) completed an associate degree or be in progress toward an associate degree.
  • Get immunizations if needed.
  • Apply a year in advance to ASU or other transfer university.
  • Apply early for the FAFSA in order to apply for ASU scholarships that require proof of financial need.
  • Prepare scholarship applications or arrange paying for college.

Your Last Semester @ Your Maricopa Community College

  • Apply for Associate in Science Degree, and the AAS in Engineering Technology, if eligible.
  • Send both your high school and college transcripts to ASU or other transfer university.
  • Meet with your ASU (or other university) Engineering Advisor.
  • Register for university classes.
  • Update FAFSA or payment plan to ASU or other transfer university.


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